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12. You’ve got a Nutella phone case.

11. You’ve put a petition together for a chain of Nutella bars to open in your town.

10. You have never, and will never, looked at how many calories are in Nutella coz you just don’t care.

9. You asked your friend if your Nutella could be your “plus 1” at his party.

8. You think a 35oz jar is a single serving.

7. Your afternoon snack is Nutella hot chocolate followed by a few spoonfuls of Nutella straight from the jar.

6. When invited to someone’s house, your only question is, “Will there be Nutella?”

5. You’ve almost forgotten jam exists.

4. Toast? Who needs that? You just eat it straight from the jar.

3. Spoons? Who needs those when you’ve got fingers?

2. You celebrate World Nutella Day like it’s your birthday.

1. You’re eating Nutella right now.