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Charlotte's Story

I was 17 when the following happened. I have a mum, dad, and 3 brothers aged 25, 19 and 13. We’re all very close even though my eldest brother lives locally with his partner. My family unit is secure, affluent and we’ve been brought up with high morals For as long as I can remember my dad has gone away to play golf a couple of times a year with a group of golf buddies. Never an issue.

Jess's Story

I was 13 when infidelity smashed my life apart four years ago. My little sister Chelsea was 4 and my big sister Emma was 16. Life was so good up until then with great holidays abroad, lovely home, all the latest clothes. I was really close to my mum and dad even though I sometimes felt dad favoured Emma more than me. Emma who was always so good at sports, singing, dancing, in fact good at everything.

An Open Apology To My Kids...

I am sorry we failed. I will forever feel guilty that we broke your home and world apart. I know it's ultimately for the best, but I know, and you have explicitly told me, that you would rather us all live together with some tension than separately tension-free. You don't know that I was no longer living and now you have a mother, when before I could barely breathe. I know at 7 and 11 you want your mom and dad together and for that I am so sorry.

Dating Tips For Boys

BE FRIENDS FIRST: this is so important because really guys you can’t expect a girl to just be your girlfriend right off the bat. Be friends with her first. See what you have in common, what’s she into. Take things slowly and ensure that your girlfriend’s comfortable and that both of you are on the same page then see if any type of close relationship can develop from there.

Dating Tips For Girls

LET HIM KNOW YOU ARE INTERESTED:If you see a guy you like, in one of your classes, you can let him know you’re interested in him. You can smile at him in class or as you walk past him. If he stops to talk to you about something like the subject you’re taking, bring the conversation around to what you enjoy doing. Tell him about a movie you just saw or about one that you really want to see. He might take the hint and ask if you would like to go see it with him.

Understanding Self-Harming

At Kids Scorned we are receiving an increasing amount of emails from members about self-harming. There are many reasons for self-harming: bullying, cyber bullying, poor self image, depression, problems at home and we are receiving emails from members whose family have been destroyed by a parent’s infidelity or, if the parents have decided to stay together, they are coping with the aftermath of piecing the family back together.

Ten Signs You're Addicted To Your Phone

The first thing you reach out for in the morning, after you’ve silenced your alarm clock, is your ‘phone.
People sat opposite you during a meal see the top of your head more than your face. You feel a brief moment of panic when you touch your pocket (or grope to the bottom of your purse) until you feel your ‘phone then you smile. You check your ‘phone to see the temperature instead of opening a window.

Bullying & Cyber Bullying

Don’t respond or retaliate. A reaction is usually exactly what the bully wants. It gives him or her power over you. Don’t fight fire with fire to help avoid a whole cycle of aggression.

Ten Signs You're Addicted To Pizza

You throw yourself on the floor in a tantrum when you realise pizza delivery stops at 11pm and it’s 11.01pm. People question your sanity when you claim you can name over a million toppings. You want a pizza cake as your birthday cake. You try and convince your mum that pizza is one of your 5 a day.

How Infidelity Can Affect You As A Child

Regardless of your age, even as a child you know when something is not right in the family; and realising that one of your parents has cheated is no different.

Ten Signs You're Addicted To Nutella

You’ve got a Nutella phone case. You’ve put a petition together for a chain of Nutella bars to open in your town. You have never, and will never, looked at how many calories are in Nutella coz you just don’t care. You asked your friend if your Nutella could be your “plus 1” at his party.

An Infidelity Problem And The Answer

One of the Kids Scorned members posted this problem in the Forum and here are a few of the answers other Members gave him. You will find a lot of help and support in your Forum. Make sure you use it.


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